Risk management

In the current globalized market with its virtually unrestricted capital flows, your enterprise will be exposed to multiple risks. That is why risk management, now more than ever, is a vital factor in getting your organization where you want it to be.

The Atlas team includes risk management specialists who can assist you in the process of:

  • Identifying and analyzing the market, credit or operational risks that apply to your   enterprise (risk assessment);
  • Evaluation and ranking of the risks;
  • Evaluation of insurances;
  • Taking the appropriate measures to avoid risks or reduce their negative effects.
  • Tender the complete insurance portfolio and reduce overall insurance costs.

Atlas draws from a rich experience in this field, acquired by the handling of numerous cases in the local medical, transport, logistics, marine and non-profit sector.


Our risk mitigating strategies include:

  • Communicating the risks;
  • Transferring the risk to another party (insurance or re-insurance company);
  • Avoiding the risk by implementing certain measures;
  • Reducing the negative effect of the risk;
  • Accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk.