Cyber Facility

A Cyber-attack can paralyze your business, leading to financial losses, regulatory fines and lasting reputational damage. Atlas Risk Solutions has partnered with Cyberbloc, a comprehensive cyber protection program, that is geared towards minimizing your business's cyber risk exposure and data breach consequences. 


With the Cyberbloc program we can quickly assess your organization's readiness in the event of a cyber-attack and identify (GDPR) compliance vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. 


In the event of a cyber security failure, Cyber Insurance is your last line of defense and helps your business recover more quickly. Our affordable cyber insurance program includes 24/7 support from a team of professionals and addresses a wide range of impacts that can result from a data breach. 

Third Party Liability
Covers expenses the business becomes obligated to pay resulting from a lawesuit filed by a third party, including claims arising from secuirty fialure o failure to protect data.

Crisis Management Expenses
Public relations and crisis management costs to help protect your business reputation.

Data Replacement Costs
Costs for replacing, recreating, restoring or repairing of electronic data.

Notification Costs 
Covers costs associated with responding to a privacy breach, including cmoputer forensic costs, notification costs, costs to set up a call center and credit protection services.

Network Extortion
Costs associated with ransom demands, including the payment of an extortion demand.

Regulatory Proceeding
Expenses resulting from disciplinary or regulatory proceeding. 


The Cyber Insurance can be extended to cover additional losses associated with data breach or cyber security incidents. 

Media Liability
Optional extension to cover costs to defend and resolve liability claims related to copyright infringement, trademark infringement, defection, plagiarism and invasion of privacy. 

Business Interruption
Optional extension to cover financial loss, such as business income when your business has its network-dependent revenue interrupted.